Elimu Library

8.4.4 and Professional Materials

Elimu Library is your one-stop shop for educational, teaching and learning resources. The content on the website is updated regularly and helps pupils, students and teacher needs in the classroom. Teachers use the professional documents in preparation, implementation, and evaluation of teaching and learning.

We create teacher’s resource materials which are designed to achieve educational goals expected by the ministry of education; these resources are; Schemes of work and notes.

We endeavor to update all content in line with the curriculum continuously. For more information visit Elimu website https://www.elimulibrary.com


Lesson Plans

The designed lesson plans are used in class rooms on a daily basis for effective teaching and learning.

Schemes of Work

Schemes of work are designed from the curriculum design and the syllabus, they show the planned content to be covered within the allocated time for the learning areas.

Record of Work

The Record of Work is designed to help the teacher show the content covered at the end of every lesson. This helps in tracking the development of learning resources and the competencies acquired by the learner.


The subject teacher made exams helps the student in revision and teachers to access the learner’s understanding on work covered termly/yearly