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    Elimu Holdings Limited:: Advertise

    Elimu Advertising Service

    Elimu Advertising

    Elimu helps you advertise to over 378 schools, hundreds of thousands of parents, teachers and students. We place your ad and link your website, product and brand on all the school websites. Our clients have included University of Nairobi, CIC Insurance Group, Dedan Kimathi University, eKitabu, Technical University of Kenya, Kenyatta University and many more.

    For more details on how to advertise or place your links on our websites, please call:

    Coast Region, Eastern Region, Rift Valley Region - 0719445445

    Nyanza Region, Nairobi and surrounding areas - 0719445445

    Central Region, Western Region and North Eastern - 0719445445

    or email us at sales@elimu.co.ke


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