Technical Development Team



Elimu holdings is looking for education undergraduate and graduate interns.

 The internship will last for three months

This job will be located at Nairobi west.

Job Description

-The interns will be involved in Elimu’s eLearning projects and will provide valuable insight and 
support to the various teams working on the projects. They will also be exposed to the fast-changing 
world of eLearning in Kenya. 


 -It is important that the interested applicants be I.T. literate and must possess above-average computer   

- Provision of telephone and email based technical support to clients

- Programming e learning research and study to continually improve products


-The interns must have completed at least one successful teaching practice stint in a Kenyan secondary 


or primary school. 

Must be above the second year of education

- Inquisitive and creative personality who is good at problem-solving



If you feel that you are the right candidate for this position please send your application letter and CV to before 23rd 2016 clearly indicating the period of full-time availaility.

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