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    Elimu Holdings Limited:: Finance Management System


    • Easy to learn and use for bursars, principals, parents and teachers
    • Able to create student and parent profiles
    • Accessible anytime, anywhere via desktop computer or mobile phone
    • Collect school fees and issue fees receipts with ease
    • Flexible solution that can be expanded to meet all your needs
    • 24hrs/7 days real time support


    Create Student Profiles Issue Fees Receipts Set up Classes and Streams

    Elimu’s solution enables creation of student admission

    registers and profiles capturing student data such as name,

    admission number, academic year, health details and emergency contacts

    Collect school fees via cash, bank or MPESA using

    Elimu’s system and issue fees receipts on the spot.

    Fees receipts are also retained in the system for future reference

    Create different schools, classes,

    streams and units depending on the size and structure of your organization


    To get the system or to request a demo call us on:

    Coast Region, Eastern Region, Rift Valley Region - 0724011965

    Nyanza Region, Nairobi and surrounding areas - 0724011965

    Central Region, Western Region and North Eastern - 0724011965

    or email us at sales@elimu.co.ke


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