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    Elimu Holdings Limited:: Exam Grading System

    Exam Grading SystemThe Elimu Exam Grading System

    This system designed to provide an all-round reporting system for all your student academic performances. The system allows your school to perform student registrations, exam analysis, automatic reporting and grading. It will then generate the report forms and can send brief versions of the same via SMS to all parents. The report forms generated also have graphical analysis showing how the student has performed over the years.

    For the initial installation and training, Elimu will send a technical representative to your school. We will then set up the system in your school and will train your teachers on how to use it.

    The system will provide all required academic reports and the parents can be provided with passwords for their individual child performance online. All data will be archived in the system and a teacher or parent can trace the entire academic records of any student enrolled, past or present.

    The school does not need an active Internet connection to operate this system.

    To order this system for your school or for enquiries call 0719445445 or please click here


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