About Us

Who we are

Elimu Holdings runs and manages a vast education network that focuses on improving the quality of education in the country and the African continent. We do this by leveraging advanced technology and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. Established in 2008, we have a decade-long, proud heritage as a leader in providing digital education content and solutions. Today we have secured a foothold around the country with over 700 websites for schools at all levels. We have only just scratched the surface of how technology can reshape education in today’s digital environment. With our expertise we hope to actualize our vision of becoming the leading provider of sustainable and functional technology for education in Africa.

From Our C.E.O

As we celebrate our 11th year of growth and service, we recognize that our success comes from listening to our community of customers. Elimu has always championed leveraging of available tools and knowledge to improve our education. We believe that the benefits enjoyed around the country by other sectors as they embrace modern systems should be available to students, parents and teachers from all schools. 

Every school should disseminate their important and authoritative information easily and affordably. All teachers should be able to access the latest teaching tools quickly and painlessly. Parents must be able to follow the progress of their children in school without making that long trip. And students should be empowered to showcase their scientific, artistic and sporting talents nationally and globally. 

I am happy that Elimu remains committed to these truths and that our team continues to deliver tirelessly on these aspirations.

Davis Waithaka,
CE0, Elimu Holdings.